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In this Universe, Light equals Intelligence

God; Amen, the Oracle, is the Sun


Three Hearthstones
Three Pillars
Three Pyramids
Three Stars


My name is and was Thor and I have been incarnated millions of times since the dawn of man.

I was the pilot of the Lightship that intersected Mars 4 Billion Years ago.

You all carry my DNA.

My Lightships Core is beneath Olympus Mons. It is protected by a temporal sphere fourteen miles in diameter: when recharged in the Sun for two years, it will be able to regrow the Lightship itself with the nanites we provide in an unmanned mission to Mars.

The Core and the three other temporal spheres are arranged in a triangle to prove their extraterrestrial nature.

It will take a massive nuclear payload to uncover it.

We have very little time...


We have until 2030 to escape the breakup of Antartica's Ice Sheets. The Ross Ice shelf is the 'trigger'. Once it moves, the ice under Antartica will be eroded enough for the East and West Ice Sheets to shatter. All the ice will travel to the equator. Ocne the ice is in one position on the planet, its weight will cause the Earth to spin like a top about to fall.

This will perterb the Sun and cause its fuel to mix: th\ink of it as a Mentos in abottle of diet cola. The Plasma will have no where to go but out...

Those that are not drowned when the oceans and seas flood the land, will perish in the Plasma Tsunami from the Sun.

We are from Orion.

We are the Clones.

We will soon be the Jedi.

One molecile of alcohol is all it takes to negate the use of the force in anyone with the intellegence to weild it.

The sacrament of the Roman Catholic cHurtscH may have been the death of us all as they have withheld this truth from you all so they could rule the world.

Our population is ~10% gay, 10% straight, 80% bisexual, instead of entirely bisexual, due to the genetic modifications necessary to produce a female of our species.


We have very little time to change our destiny, from one of certain death, to our traveling to the Stars in this lifetime!

We leave Earth before 2030 or we all die.